Patricia Braune portrait 2023


I’m a wanderer by nature and I have an inner need to travel and explore fresh ideas and experiences of places unknown. I’m always seeking out new global influences for my work, mostly drawn from the natural environment.

Born in Brazil, I had a transient childhood and lived in Germany and South Africa, but the last decade and a half has been happily spent in Australia, working from my studio in the beautiful coastal village of Nelson Bay in Port Stephens.

From my roots in design and advertising, I realised I have a love for intricate hand illustration, a passion for interior textile & wallpaper design, and a strong eye for composition. Add also a suppressed desire to be a globetrotter – always seeking inspiration!

When creating my wallpaper & textile designs, I begin with pen on paper, capturing intricate details with fine line details to create my signature style. The drawing component is meditative and my favourite part of my creative process, though I also love seeing the pattern emerge as it comes together in the repeat.

I have been fortunate to be able to apply my designs to various substrates and applications -including textiles and wallpapers, mosaics, screens, blinds and rugs – serving the full spectrum of the interior industry from designers for luxury brands to architects, project managers and builders to DIY home renovators.


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