Maison Surface X Patricia Braune

Maison Surface X Patricia Braune


I’m honoured and excited to introduce my latest collaboration with Maison to create – The Personal Sanctuary Collection – Recycled Glass Mosaic. Maison is a California based family Owned & Operated Tile Studio.​​​​​​​​

The Personal Sanctuary Collection has been inspired by our human need to create an oasis in our personal space. Taking inspiration from the architectural arches and form of the adobe earthen organic construction, with these durable rounded edges and curves that have stood the test of time. 

For this Recycled Glass Mosaic collection, I explored the curves, shadows, reflections and lines of these elements which played a role in these designs that bring us back to earth, back to nature and back to ourselves. Delving into the elemental architectural influences of arcs, curves, textures, hemisphere and polarity has resulted in these twelve designs that encompass and transcend design influences and eras, and yield a calm sophistication. I have kept the colour-ways simple and complimentary to each other and to the essence of this collection. 

To view the 12 designs in my new mosaic tile collection, please visit patriciabraune.com or Maison.

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