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Coral Medal Wallpaper

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Coral Medal wallpaper from Patricia Braune’s Coastal Lines Collection.

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My inspiration for the Coral Medal design was the intricate coral skeletal texture of the Disc Coral or Fungia fungites. I discovered one of these beauties on a walk along a quiet beach on the island of Aore in the South Pacific and was compelled to illustrate it in my linear style.

All wallpapers are printed to order to fit your wall. This means you don’t need to waste any paper or compensate for pattern repeats. It’s recommended to sample the wallpapers to be 100% happy with the colour and design scale. Please note that each computer represents colours differently.

Printed using water-based latex inks on a low gloss, non-woven wallpaper. With easy care and installation, our wallpapers are made to last. Don’t worry, when you’re ready for a change these wallpapers are completely strippable.

Enter your wall width into the wallpaper calculator to see how many panels you’ll require.

Designed and Printed in Sydney Australia.

Panel Width: 60cm